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Weid-Bul EOOD

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Weid-Bul EOOD
Company: Weid-Bul EOOD
Postal code:1756
Address:13, St. Kliment Ohridski Blvd.
Phone number:+359 2 963 25 60, 963 10 25
Fax number:+359 2 963 10 98
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Manager:Dipl. Eng. Marinela Pavlevska
Contact person:Dipl. Eng. Petar Tzenov, Dipl. Eng. Krassen Popov
Company Trade and Service Structure:Office: 4000 Plovdiv, 60 blvd. Kuklensko Shose, tel.: +359 32/ 63 64 00, fax: +359 32/ 63 64 01, e-mail:
Scope of Activity:Import and sale of electrical devices and materials for electrical equipment and automation systems. Terminals - screw terminal blocks, spring type, push-in and others. Measuring terminals, terminals for PCB and many more. Electronics - relay and opt coupler galvanic isolation modules, converters for Pt100, thermocouples, modules for logic functions, amplifiers and more. PLC's - Diverse range of logic controllers meeting every demand and task. HMI's - Industrial human machine interface panels ranging from 4,3 " to 21" industrial computers. Drives - Variable frequency drives of all types and power. Remote I/O - Products for decentralized automation with diverse communication interfaces SCADA - Automation and controlling software. Switchgear - MCBs, motor and earth protection circuit breakers, contactors, push buttons, etc. Relays - industrial and PCB, time relays, current and voltage; Measuring relays, thin relay modules. Tools - for cutting, stripping and crimping cables, cable lugs and industrial voltage testers. Industrial power supply - stabilized, adjustable and switching power supplies for DIN-rail and panel. Buffer, diode and UPS modules. LED drives. Boxes - Electric fittings, desks and cabinets, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic; accessories. Industrial Ethernet - active and passive components, switches, routers, converters, hubs, switches, patch panels, etc. Heavy duty connectors - wide portfolio of power variations, connection types and configurations including pneumatic modules. Marking systems - manual, mobile, industrial and desktop printers marks cables, electrical equipment, industrial labels, inscriptions on metal and aluminum cards. SAI - interfaces to industrial controllers (PLC). Input-output modules. Light barriers - we offer a complete range of products. LOTO - systems for improving safety and efficiency in maintenance and repair in enterprises according European Directive CEE 89/655 Energy and power quality measurement devices, residual current monitoring. Power factor correction systems - passive, automatic and dynamic. Engineering and supply of floor ducts and boxes, wall ducts, cable trays systems and etc.
References:Our clients come from the areas of: Energy production, machine engineering and building, food processing, cement industry, production of switch boards, automation and others.
Foreign partners:Weidmueller Interface - Germany, Advantech Taiwan, Janitza Germany, Partex - Sweden, ReeR Italy, Brady USA, Beijer Electronics Sweden, Interflex Spain, Jansen Products Belgium, BAKS Poland, Schrack echnik Austria, Posital Fraba - Germany, Staubli - Switzerland, DF-Electric - Spain, Telergon - Spain, Wibeee - Spain, Niedax - Germany and others
Application area: Energy Efficiency, Electric power systems, Renewable Energy Sourses, Nuclear power industry, Gasification, coal, oil / primary energy sources, EV Charging Infrastructure
Products: Energy audits of buildings, Energy audits of industrial equipment, Energy management systems, Energy-efficient equipment, Energy-efficient technologies, Uninterruptible and emergency power systems and equipment, generator sets, Primary elements, batteries, accumulators, Power supply units, battery chargers, High-voltage cirquit breakers, isolating links, protection devices, High-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, MV cirquit breakers, complete MV switchboards, power switches, MV protective equipment, surge arresters, motor protection systems, Medium-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, MV transformers, MV/LV transfer stations, LV automatic circuit breakers, power switches, relays, fuses, LV surge arresters, fault current protection devices, motor protection devices, LV cables, power lines, busbars, insulators, connectors, LV switches, sockets, distribution boxes, installation accessories, MV and LV electric drives, soft starters, frequency converters, Power-factor correction equipment, harmonic suppressors, Electrical measuring and test equipment, Cable laying and cable guide systems, Earthing equipment, Control systems for hydroelectric power systems, Switchgear for hydroelectric power systems, Measuring equipment for hydroelectric power systems, Components for hydroelectric power systems, Cables, transformers and accessories for wind energy systems, (----CdTe-CIS), Solar panels, Inverters for PV systems, Controllers for PV systems, Measuring equipment for PV systems, Surge protection for PV systems, Cables and connectors for PV systems, Measuring and control equipment for biofuel systems, Nuclear power stations steam generators, condensers, steam turbines, electric generators, Components and automation equipment for nuclear plants pipes, valves, fittings, sensors, transducers, actuators etc., Electrical equipment for nuclear power stations, Nuclear power plants engineering, Test and measurement equipment for nuclear power stations, Gas transportation and distribution equipment, Gas manometers, flowmeters, detectors and analysers, gas meters, pressure reducers, gas filling stations, Distribution & sales of EV charging stations, EV charging sockets, Mobile charging stations, DC Charge stations, Fast charging stations, Fast charging stations, Charging stations for public use, Charging systems for transport/bus/taxi companies, EV charging cables and accessories , Components & modules for EV charging stations , EV charging controllers, EV charging residual current protection devices, EV charging connectors, EV charging cables, Software for EV charging stations, EV charging stations communication solutions, EV charging stations energy management systems, Wireless EV charging solutions, Solar power EV charging systems

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