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Adex Energy

Company: Adex Energy
Mobile number:+359 885 130 604
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Contact person:Branimir Borisov, Manager
Scope of Activity:ADEX Energy is a software development company specialized in solutions for the energy sector. We provide products that enable any energy business to grow and be more sustainable. Our mission is to help companies improve their processes through digitalization and automation. We believe that every business problem could be solved by smart, reliable and easy to use software. Our solutions are perfect fit for Energy Portfolio Operators, Energy Traders & Retailers, Utilities, Renewable Energy Producers and Industrial Energy Consumers. We offer products that can support you in the following domains:

- Forecasting and planning of energy production or consumption

- Optimization of energy trading

- Automated billing and invoicing of energy based services

- Real-time monitoring and control of energy resources

- Optimization of energy consumption
Application area: Energy Efficiency
Products: Energy management systems

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