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Address:Gen. Vl.Zaimov 10 A 2
Phone number:+359 876 711 160
Mobile number:+359 876 711 160
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Manager:Dimitar Dimitrov
Contact person:Dimitar Dimitrov
Scope of Activity:Higher comfort with less energy. That is the new challenge
for air conditioning manufacturers. Only by turning to
sustainable alternatives, good results can be achieved.
Renewable sources and efficient use of primary energy are
the key to success.
AISIN Gas Engine Heat Pumps (GEHP) can drag heat from
the most available renewable media: air. The use of TOYOTA
specifically designed combustion engines ensures the
best possible use of gas, one of the most environmental
sustainable primary energy.
Centralised electrical production and transport loss can
be avoided when using AISIN GEHP units. Exhaust gas
and engine heat can also be recovered to provide an extra
amount of energy free of charge.

AISIN Gas Engine Heat Pumps can convert primary energy
in cooling and heating capacity available for the user with
almost no loss, setting a new performance threshold in the
HVAC market.
Overall efficiency over 200% allows to get to the same
level of comfort with less consumption and thus, to reach
a dramatic reduction of pollutant emissions. Improving the
quality of the environment means ensuring social welfare.
Waste-free use of non-renewable sources combined with
efficient use of renewable ones can be translated in one
concept Total Energy The best and only possible way to set
sustainable grounds for the technology to be.

New AISIN Gas Engine Heat Pumps represent an important
step forward in efficiency and sustainability. They have been
included in energy efficiency improvement subsidy programs
in many countries and listed in possible methods of achieving
NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) conditions.
AISIN GEHP units use new variable capacity scroll
compressors and can reach a wider range of partial loads
without losing efficiency. The use of primary energy is
adjusted to ensure the required comfort without any waste.
Reduced costs and emissions are achieved by improved
features on the new AISIN units. A new type of high
performance heat exchanger and a revised layout of
the components in the engine room are the result of reengineered

Efforts were spent upgrading the gas engine and the
refrigerant circuit in order to maximise the energy merit and
reach top performances in both heating and cooling mode.
Seasonal performances in heating (SPER heating) get to the
level of class A++.
Nevertheless, AISN GEHP units are able to get to excellent
seasonal performances in cooling mode too (SPER cooling),
marking the difference between seasonal performances and
annual performances.
Application area: Energy Efficiency, Thermal engineering, Renewable Energy Sourses, Gasification, coal, oil / primary energy sources
Products: Energy management systems, Energy-efficient equipment, Energy-efficient technologies, Combined heat and power plants, Diesel, petrol, gas, Stirling engines for power generation an thermal engineering, Fuel treatment, processing and feeding systems for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, Heat exchangers finned and air HE, evaporators, condensers, recuperators, regenerative HE, preheaters, Feed water, cooling water and condensate treatment systems, deaerators, pressure vessels, Dust extraction, filtering, flue gas desulfurising, NOx reducing systems, Heat pump building heating and AC systems, Pipes, fittings radiators, blowers, control equipment for building heating and AC systems, Test and measurement equipment for thermal engineering and district heating, Plants for gasification of biomass, Components and equipment for biogas systems, Systems and power stations for the use of geothermal energy, Components and equipment for systems using geothermal energy, Measuring technologies for geothermal energy systems, Hydrogen technology systems (Hydrogen generation, storage, transport, compression and liquefaction plants), Systems and eguipment for oil and gas exploration and extraction, Pipelines, fittings, compressors, measuring equipment and tanks for gaseous fuels, Pipelines, fittings, pumps, measuring equipment and tanks for liquid fuels, Plants and equipment for gas processing, Plants and equipment for mineral oil processing, Gas transportation and distribution equipment, Gas manometers, flowmeters, detectors and analysers, gas meters, pressure reducers, gas filling stations

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