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Energy-Ka Ltd

Company: Energy-Ka Ltd
Postal code:4004
Address:9P Kuklensko shose Blvd.
Phone number:+359 32 676145;
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Company Trade and Service Structure:Sofia 1040
36 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.,
Interpred WTC-Sofia, office B408
Tel./fax: +359 2 9695073
Sliven 8800
6 Stefan Karadja Blvd.
Tel.: +359 44 62 52 95
Scope of Activity:The company Energy-Ka has been operating in Bulgaria since 1998 in the industrial and civil fields for engineering services, automation and development of installations for production of energy. The company is specialized in building advanced turnkey installations applying all European requirements and standards in various projects from industrial plants to office buildings and trade centers, hotels, from thermal and hydroelectric to photovoltaic power plants.
The company Energy-Ka is developing the following activities in Bulgaria:
* Design and implementation of electrical systems
* Design and implementation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
* Design and implementation of water supply and sewerage systems
* Fire detection system and fire fighting system
* Design, development and installation of Building Management System (BMS)
* Electrical substations MV/ LV
* Electrical switchboards MV/ LV
* Power Center, MCC and switchboards
* Command and control systems
* Automation systems
* Thermal power plants and Cogeneration plants
* Installations for water-lifting and treatment
* Installation of equipments and machines
* Heating and cooling stations
* Compressed air systems
* Realization of Hydroelectric power plants and Photovoltaic plants
Application area: Energy Efficiency, Thermal engineering, Electric power systems, Renewable Energy Sourses
Products: Energy-efficient equipment, Energy-efficient technologies, Energy-saving lighting, Combined heat and power plants, Heat exchangers finned and air HE, evaporators, condensers, recuperators, regenerative HE, preheaters, Dust extraction, filtering, flue gas desulfurising, NOx reducing systems, 3-phase generators synchronous, asynchronous, Single-phase generators synchronous,asynchronous, DC, Uninterruptible and emergency power systems and equipment, generator sets, Power supply units, battery chargers, High-voltage cirquit breakers, isolating links, protection devices, High-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, High-voltage transformers, substations, MV cirquit breakers, complete MV switchboards, power switches, MV protective equipment, surge arresters, motor protection systems, Medium-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, MV transformers, MV/LV transfer stations, LV automatic circuit breakers, power switches, relays, fuses, LV surge arresters, fault current protection devices, motor protection devices, LV cables, power lines, busbars, insulators, connectors, LV switches, sockets, distribution boxes, installation accessories, Power-factor correction equipment, harmonic suppressors, Electrical measuring and test equipment, Cable laying and cable guide systems, Earthing equipment, Electricity trading, Small hydroelectric power plants, Water turbines and generator sets for hydroelectric power systems, Control systems for hydroelectric power systems, Switchgear for hydroelectric power systems, Measuring equipment for hydroelectric power systems, Components for hydroelectric power systems, Cables, transformers and accessories for wind energy systems, Stand-alone PV systems, Hybride PV systems, Solar panels, Inverters for PV systems, Controllers for PV systems, Measuring equipment for PV systems, Surge protection for PV systems, Cables and connectors for PV systems, PV , Plants for incineration/ pyrolysis of biomass, Boilers, components and equipment for biomass

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