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T&D Engineering LTD

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T&D Engineering LTD
Company: T&D Engineering LTD
Postal code:9010
Address:p.o.b. 243, 46 Perunika Str.
Phone number:+359 52 312 100
Fax number:+359 52 312 658
Mobile number:0884 203 041
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Manager:Dora Aleksandrova
Contact person:Hubavena Muevska
Company Trade and Service Structure:Production base and office Varna, office Sofia, Lavele street 19, floor 4
Scope of Activity: Engineering in the fields of power engineering, electrical engineering and electronics;
Design, reconstruction and building of substation HV/MV/LW turn key projects
Building of SCADA systems turn key projects
Setting and programming of PLC and SCADA systems;
Designing and building PVP, including system for control, monitoring and measurement of energy turn key projects
Building of industrial networks of programmable controllers and automation devices;
Restructuring and modernizing of cranes;
Manufacturing of special-purpose controllers and related software support;
Development of special-purpose software;
Electrical system assembling, panel building and servicing;
Engineering calculations of currents for short circuits and currents for grounding connections, energy loads for diverse industrial sites, settings of relay protections, selection of power and controlling equipment.
References:Electrical supply authorities, Electrical System Operator, Port Varna, Port Bulmarket, Agropolichim, Kaolin AD and many others
Foreign partners:Schrack Technik, ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, General Electric
Application area: Electric power systems, EV Charging Infrastructure
Products: 3-phase generators synchronous, asynchronous, Single-phase generators synchronous,asynchronous, DC, Uninterruptible and emergency power systems and equipment, generator sets, High-voltage transformers, substations, MV transformers, MV/LV transfer stations, Electrical measuring and test equipment

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