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ABB Bulgaria EOOD

Company: ABB Bulgaria EOOD
Postal code:1408
Address:89B Vitosha Blvd, Building A, Fl. 17
Phone number:+359 2 807 55 00
Fax number:+359 2 807 55 99
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Manager:Maurizio Riva, Country Holding Officer
Contact person:Maurizio Riva, Country Holding Officer
Company Trade and Service Structure:ABB Bulgaria EOOD - central office Sofia, phone: 02/ 807 55 00; ABB Bulgaria EOOD - branch Rakovski, production unit 1, phone: 032/99 88 00; ABB Bulgaria EOOD - branch Rakovski, production unit 1, phone:032/ 998 700; ABB Bulgaria EOOD - branch Rakovski, production unit 3 Plovdiv; ABB Bulgaria EOOD - branch Petrich, phone: 0745/ 594 18; ABB Bulgaria EOOD - turbochargers service station Varna, phone: 02/807 55 62
Scope of Activity:ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation driving a more sustainable and efficient future. The companys solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on more than 130 years of excellence, ABBs ~105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.
ABB Bulgaria has over 2500 employees, operating with a central office in Sofia and three company branches in the country. Two of the manufacturing facilities are located in Rakovski and they produce components for low and medium voltage equipment. There are two plants in Petrich too - for low voltage components, and in Plovdiv there is measuring instruments production.
Operating through four main business areas - Electrification, Process Automation, Motion, Robotics and Discrete Automation - ABB Bulgaria successfully takes part in building automation projects and improvement of the EV charging infrastructure in the country,
Energy management systems, Energy efficient facilities, Energy efficient technologies, UPS and emergency power supply equipment and systems, Circuit breakers, switchgear, disconnectors - MV, Protective devices, surge protectors, motor protection MV, , Automatic circuit breakers, disconnectors, contactors, fuses LV , Surge protectors, residual current devices, motor protection LV , Switches, sockets, distribution boxes, terminals installation materials LV, Electric motors MV and LV, asynchronous, direct current, stepper, MV and LV electric drives, motor starters, frequency inverters, Cable-carrying and cable-guiding systems, Production of charging stations for electric vehicles, Distribution and sale of charging stations, Maintenance and service of charging stations, Direct current (DC) charging stations, Fast charging stations, Charging stations for home use, Charging stations for public use, Charging systems for transport companies, Residual current devices for charging stations, Charging management systems for charging stations
Foreign partners:ABB Group member
Application area: Energy Efficiency, Electric power systems, EV Charging Infrastructure
Products: Energy management systems, Energy-efficient equipment, Energy-efficient technologies, 3-phase generators synchronous, asynchronous, Single-phase generators synchronous,asynchronous, DC, Uninterruptible and emergency power systems and equipment, generator sets, Primary elements, batteries, accumulators, High-voltage cirquit breakers, isolating links, protection devices, High-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, High-voltage transformers, substations, MV cirquit breakers, complete MV switchboards, power switches, MV protective equipment, surge arresters, motor protection systems, Medium-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, MV transformers, MV/LV transfer stations, LV automatic circuit breakers, power switches, relays, fuses, LV surge arresters, fault current protection devices, motor protection devices, LV cables, power lines, busbars, insulators, connectors, LV switches, sockets, distribution boxes, installation accessories, Electrical MV and LV motors, asynchronous, DC and stepper motors, MV and LV electric drives, soft starters, frequency converters, Power-factor correction equipment, harmonic suppressors, Electrical measuring and test equipment, Cable laying and cable guide systems, Earthing equipment, Heavy-current capacitors and inductors, Manufacturing of EV charging stations, Distribution & sales of EV charging stations, EV charging stations maintenance and service, DC Charge stations, Fast charging stations, Fast charging stations, Charging stations for public use, Charging systems for transport/bus/taxi companies, EV charging residual current protection devices, EV charging stations energy management systems

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