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ViV Isomatic Ltd

Company: ViV Isomatic Ltd
Postal code:1680
Address:40, Pirin Str.
Phone number:+359 2 4390509, 4390510, 9586340, 9586344
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Manager:Vladimir Lazarov - General Manager
Contact person:Marin Shishkov - Sales Manager
Scope of Activity:Import, sales and engineering of products for electrical distribution and protection and components for industrial control and automation.
ABB - Low voltage components and systems for electrical distribution and control.
PHOENIX CONTACT - The richest variety of rail mountable and PCB terminal blocks with screw, spring, push-in and IDC connection, industrial connectors, electronic (digital, analogue, serial) interface modules, safety relays, wireless communication, surge voltage protection, power supplies and UPS, network analyzers, control and automation products, industrial switches and firewalls, components for e-mobility charging infrastucture CHARX (cables, controllers, power banks).
LAPP- Flexible power, control and data cables - Olflex, Unitronic, optical - Hitronic, cable glands Skintop, cable conduit system Silvyn, cable marking system - Fleximark, industrial connectors EPIC, charging cables and accessories for e-mobility.
KLAUKE, GREENLEE - Cable lugs and cable end sleeves (Cu and Al); crimping, cutting, stripping, hole-making tools; busbar tool centres; hand tools. CIRCUTOR - Digital and analogue measuring instruments, energy management, power capacitors, LV and MV power factor correction equipment, current transformers, meters and network analyzers.
PIZZATO ELETTRICA - Position limit switches, safety devices, lift safety switches, micro switches and foot switches, safety relays.
EAO - Human-machine interface switches, push-buttons and signalization for industry and transportation systems.
PCE-MERZ - Industrial plugs and sockets, thermoplastic insulated distribution boxes, main switches and cam switches.
JEAN MUELLER - Load break switch fuse disconnectors for plug-in mounting (SASIL); fuse switch disconnectors and fuse bases; NH and HH fuse links; polyester cable distribution boxes and pedestals.
Lovato Electric Products and solutions for industrial automation: contactors, thermal and motor protection, soft starters, switches, push buttons, selectors, signalization, timers, monitoring relays, energy meters, network analyzers, power factor regulators, generator controllers.
LSIS - Low voltage switchgear and variable frequency drives. Pepperl+Fuchs - Industrial photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors; encoders; accessories and mounting elements. nVent Hoffman - mild steel and stainless steel industrial enclosures.
PEPPERL+FUCHS Industrial photoelectric, proximity, ultrasonic, vibration, inclination and acceleration sensors, rotary encoders. Positioning systems, RFID identification systems, machine vision.
nVent Hoffman Industrial floor standing and wall mounted enclosures made of mild and stainless steel, terminal boxes, human machine interface, polyester enclosures, thermal and cable management.
nVent Schroff 19 specialized systems racks and enclosures for protection of electronics, communication and laboratory equipment, power management and distribution, thermal management.
STEGO - Products for heating, cooling, regulating, measuring and lighting of industrial enclosures.
Foreign partners:Representative for Bulgaria of: ABB, PHOENIX CONTACT, LAPP, LS Electric, KLAUKE, GREENLEE, CIRCUTOR, PIZZATO ELETTRICA, EAO, PCE-MERZ, JEAN MUELLER, Lovato Electric, LSIS, PEPPERL+FUCHS, nVent Hoffman, nVent Schroff, STEGO
Application area: Energy Efficiency, Electric power systems, Renewable Energy Sourses, Nuclear power industry, EV Charging Infrastructure
Products: Energy management systems, Uninterruptible and emergency power systems and equipment, generator sets, Power supply units, battery chargers, High-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, LV automatic circuit breakers, power switches, relays, fuses, LV surge arresters, fault current protection devices, motor protection devices, LV cables, power lines, busbars, insulators, connectors, LV switches, sockets, distribution boxes, installation accessories, MV and LV electric drives, soft starters, frequency converters, Power-factor correction equipment, harmonic suppressors, Electrical measuring and test equipment, Heavy-current capacitors and inductors, Control systems for hydroelectric power systems, Switchgear for hydroelectric power systems, Measuring equipment for hydroelectric power systems, Cables, transformers and accessories for wind energy systems, Inverters for PV systems, Controllers for PV systems, Measuring equipment for PV systems, Surge protection for PV systems, Cables and connectors for PV systems, Measuring and control equipment for biofuel systems, Components and automation equipment for nuclear plants pipes, valves, fittings, sensors, transducers, actuators etc., Electrical equipment for nuclear power stations, EV charging sockets, EV charging cables and accessories , Components & modules for EV charging stations , EV charging controllers, EV charging residual current protection devices, EV charging connectors, EV charging cables

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