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Start Engineering JSCo.

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Start Engineering JSCo.
Start Engineering
Company: Start Engineering JSCo.
Postal code:1220
Address:44 Lokomotiv Str.
Phone number:+359 2 931 61 46
Fax number:+359 2 931 99 66
Mobile number:+359/ 898/ 690 666
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Manager:Georgi Emilov - Executive Manager
Contact person:Dimitar Ninov - CEO
Company Trade and Service Structure:Branch Sofia +359/2/ 931 61 46
Branch Automation +359/2/ 931 07 84
Branch HVAC +359/2/ 931 61 48
Branch El.boards +359/2/ 938 12 68
Branch Montagi +359/2/ 931 39 60
Branch Burgas +359/56/ 811 484
Branch Varna +359/52/ 613 246
Branch Plovdiv +359/32/ 642 664
Branch St.Zagora +359/42/ 602 308
Branch V.Turnovo +359/62/ 652 216
Scope of Activity:Start Engineering JSCo. is a leading engineering company with traditions in design, installation, implementation, automation, commissioning and start-up of large energy and other industrial projects.
The company is a successor of the former Start-up and Commissioning Division of "MONTAGI" State Company, with more than 60 years of history and experience in the fields of: Energetics - electrical power production and distribution; District Heating Plants; Metallurgy; Chemical Industry; Cement Industry; Transport infrastructure; Ecology ? facilities for environment protection. The company has established traditions for a range of engineering activities that provide the full cycle of implementation of the projects of the company, providing comprehensive process of service. EN ISO/IEC 27001:2013
References:The main directions of Start Engineering JSCo are divided into 13 separate branches located in the 7 largest regional cities in Bulgaria, covering a wide range of applications of the work of specialists of the company. They include a number of projects in the following areas: Energy and electrical systems and facilities; I&C and Automation; Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning; Development, design and production; Consulting and training. The company projects cover both Bulgaria and several international holdings where Start Engineering JSCo. increasingly impose its positions.
Foreign partners:Foreign partners: Start Engineering JSCo is authorized to carry out its activities with multiple licenses, including: Accreditation Certificate for Type C Control Body; Integrated management system in line with the standard for the following scope: Building and installation works; design, fabrication and starting up, adjustment and commissioning activities of electrical facilities up to and above 1000V, I&C and Automation and HVAC in accordance with verification procedures as per:
- BS OHSAS 18001:2007;
- EN ISO 9001:2008;
- EN ISO 14001:2005.
Application area: Thermal engineering, Electric power systems
Products: Fuel treatment, processing and feeding systems for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, Feed water, cooling water and condensate treatment systems, deaerators, pressure vessels, Test and measurement equipment for thermal engineering and district heating, 3-phase generators synchronous, asynchronous, Single-phase generators synchronous,asynchronous, DC, Uninterruptible and emergency power systems and equipment, generator sets, Power supply units, battery chargers, High-voltage cirquit breakers, isolating links, protection devices, High-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, MV protective equipment, surge arresters, motor protection systems, Medium-voltage cables, cable fittings, overhead lines, insulators, MV transformers, MV/LV transfer stations, LV automatic circuit breakers, power switches, relays, fuses, LV cables, power lines, busbars, insulators, connectors, LV switches, sockets, distribution boxes, installation accessories, MV and LV electric drives, soft starters, frequency converters, Power-factor correction equipment, harmonic suppressors, Electrical measuring and test equipment, Cable laying and cable guide systems, Earthing equipment, Heavy-current capacitors and inductors, Combined heat and power plants

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