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Association of traders with energy in Bulgaria

Company: Association of traders with energy in Bulgaria
Mobile number:+359 887 882 812
 Enter the Association of traders with energy in Bulgaria web site
Contact person:Atanas Dimov
Scope of Activity:The Association of Traders with Energy in Bulgaria (ATEB) is a non-profit organisation, which associates the interests of leading electricity and natural gas traders in the country.
The main goal and mission of ATEB is to promote and support the development of competitive energy market in Bulgaria, to establish modern economic relationships in the electricity and natural gas sectors, as well as to improve the market infrastructure, the principles and mechanisms of the existing legislation governing the relationships in the energy sector.
The Association represents and safeguards the rights and interests of its members before the national and international bodies and organizations and supports them in their trading activities; promotes the effective and transparent loyal competition and fair business relationships in the energy field. Members: Alpiq Energy Bulgaria EOOD, Axpo Bulgaria EAD, Electrohold Trade EAD, Danske Commodities A/S, EVN Trading South East Europe EAD, EDF Trading Ltd., Edison S.p.A., Elektricni Financni Tim d.o.o., El Bonus EOOD, El Nova EAD, Energeo EOOD, Energo- Pro Energy Services EAD, Energy Market AD, Energy MT EAD, GEN – I Sofia Electricity Trading and Sales SpLLC, MET Energy Trading Bulgaria EAD, MVM Partner Zrt., KER Toki Power AD, PPC Bulgaria AD, Ritam-4-TB OOD, Zagora Energy EOOD, F Invest EOOD и Energi Danmark A/S.
Foreign partners:European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET); regional associations of electricity traders
Application area: Electric power systems

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